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Providing a unique approach to Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) investing: incorporating traditional ETF research with the disciplined risk/management strategies of technical analysis. Investment ideas, portfolio strategies, client specific advice, and education for the ETF investor..

See below for some previously published ETF research. 

A Technical Guide for Domestic ETF Portfolios uncovers what we believe are the leading and lagging US equity sectors and allows you to position your portfolios accordingly.  This report will reallocate weightings on our interpretation of the charts, enabling you to take appropriate action with the ease of Exchange Traded Funds to keep ahead of the market!

A Technical Guide for Global Equity ETFs provides an overview of the global equity markets using Exchange Traded Funds so you have the information that you need to protect and grow your accounts!

You know what the anchorman and the analysts are telling you - it's time to know what the charts are saying!

For all of our technical research, we strive to uncover the dominant trends/patterns as this will be the way to create an edge over the competition. 

Not only does making timely and accurate directional calls have a critical impact to the bottom line, but it also provides a disciplined style of risk management to preserve capital in difficult times.
Our technical investment approach keeps us flexible and realistic.

So let J. Beck Investments map out a game plan that you can use and understand.

Jonathan Beck